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Capacity building of members who benefit from and offer the services with permanent access to the infrastructures. A lively place where constructive interactions of all kinds take place on a daily basis with a strong sense of belonging. Contribute to capacity building and identity development of young people through educational programs, seminars, conferences, symposiums, webinars with Afrocentric content, etc. Libraries, bookstores and a polytechnic school will be created for this purpose in order to provide books, computer logistics and all other platforms. Become an active and forward-thinking digital community in the world. This, through an intelligent digital platform that meets the varied needs of community members. Unity and the strengthening of cooperation as an alternative to capitalism in order to combat poverty and systemic inequalities galvanized by socio-economic mechanisms. Promote the arts and culture in my physical and digital way and occupy a first place of leadership in innovation, research and development of the enrichment of the national heritage. Contribute to the international influence of the artistic and cultural creativity of the members of our community by ensuring an online presence.

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